Lock Outs

Don’t fret! Rest assured we are just a call away, ready to restore access to your home or premises promptly and with the same quality of work we pride ourselves on. Whether it’s a late-night lockout or a misplaced key, we can provide a reassuring presence and a reliable solution to your locksmith needs at any time of day or night.

Lock Installation

Proper lock installation is vital for home security. Poorly installed locks compromise safety, increasing the risk of intruders entering your premises. At Fairfax Locksmiths, we can ensure professional and expert installation, guaranteeing precision and reliability and preventing attempts at forced entry, safeguarding belongings and loved ones.

Lock Upgrades

Regularly updating locks to incorporate the latest security features safeguards against evolving threats and keeping pace with security best practices ensures resilience against intrusion attempts, deterring potential burglars. Modern locks offer up-to-date technologies improving your premises’ security and enhancing protection levels. We can assess current lock systems and recommend appropriate upgrades tailored to your specific needs.

Emergency Lock Repair

In an emergency, we can provide swift solutions, with no stress, restoring lock functionality and bolstering security. Emergency lock repair is crucial when security is compromised due to malfunctioning or damaged locks. In urgent situations, immediate repair prevents potential intrusion and secures the premises. Likewise, a malfunctioning lock poses risks of leaving you stranded outside or vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Fairfax Locksmiths Are Proud to be an MLA Approved Locksmith.

High Security Locks

For added peace of mind, give us a call to discuss the installation of locks with higher security ratings. Engineered with advanced, modern technologies and superior materials, these locks are designed to withstand the most determined intruders. Features like drill-resistant cylinders, anti-pick pins, and bump-proof mechanisms ensure a higher level of protection offering not just a physical barrier but also a deterrent, deterring even experienced criminals.

Code Locks

Code door locks offer a modern and convenient approach to access control for homes and businesses, eliminating the need for traditional keys. These locks provide security with easily programmable, personalised codes allowing for temporary codes for guests or service personnel, granting access only when needed. Code door locks not only offer convenience but also bolster security, providing a seamless and reliable way to control access to your property.

Featured Product –

Apecs 3* TS007 Diamond Grade Cylinders

Offering the maximum level of security for your premises entrances.

The APECS Diamond Grade Cylinders offer unprecedented protection, safeguarding from all forced methods of assault including snapping, drilling, bumping & picking. The cylinder is designed with a unique sacrificial point, which will set an interlocking cam mechanism into action, externally, preventing any further damage whilst allowing the lock to stay operable from inside the premises.

These Apecs AP cylinders can also be keyed alike so its possible to have the whole house operating under one key and they can be mastered for commercial premises (care homes, office blocks, HMO’s factories, work shops etc) where certain employees can only access appropriate areas.

Master Key Systems

With carefully crafted hierarchies of access, Master key systems offer convenience and control over access in buildings of all sizes. A master key suite enables individuals to open multiple locks with a single master key, ensuring restricted areas remain secure while allowing authorised persons easy passage, simplifying key management and eliminating the need for bulky key-chains.

Smart Lock Install

Nothing offers flexibility like a smart lock, making it possible to enter your premises by code, key or smartphone app all from one device. With the ability to grant or revoke access on demand, smart locks are not only a great option for your home or business premises, but also BnBs and Hotels alike. Get in touch to discuss the myriad benefits or arrange the install of your new smart lock.

UPVC Specialists

UPVC presents unique challenges and benefits for lock installation. Its sturdy yet lightweight nature demands precision and expertise and UPVC’s composition can be unforgiving to errors. A meticulously installed lock not only fortifies security but also enhances the functionality and longevity of UPVC doors. Get in touch to further discuss UPVC lock installation.

Window Locks

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